Closed during week 

Weekends are booked until mid May 2020


The Eco Campsite is only accessible with 4x4's (no awd or soft 4x4 or 2x4's allowed) 


Book the entire campsite R2250.00 including vat per night (up to 14 pax) 

Minimum booking is R2590 including vat  per night (1 - 14 adults) 

Kids 12 or under R100 including vat per night 

Dogs R90 including vat per night 

Adults R180 including vat per night 

No electricity | Swimming pool at own risk | There is cellphone reception mostly 

Booking inquiry to check for availability only - GROUP BOOKINGS

Cost per Night up to 14 people

Agree that although trailers are not advisable, you bring trailers at your own risk

INDEMNITY The guest and/or his/her family or fellow guest indemnifies the owner/s of Secret Falls and/or the Owners and Trustees and/or any person in their employ against any loss, damages or injury (direct, indirect or fatal) that may arise during the visit at the resort, regardless of how the loss, damages or injury may have been caused or occurred and/or whether it occurred directly or indirectly as a result of any negligence on the part of any of the above mentioned parties and accepts hereby entrance to the resort at own risk.