There are 2 Cottages accommodating up to 8 people
Our bookings are closed for 4x4 campsite until August 2019

Our 4x4 campsite is only accessible with 4x4's that have low range (not soft 4x4's or AWD) and trailers are not recommended. We can accommodate a maximum of 15 pax on all sites. 
If you have had the pleasure of camping before at Secret Falls, please supply your reference number for your past booking if you would like to book again. 
If you are a member of a 4x4 club you can send you membership number with the email inquiry. 

What started out as a private space for our family and friends since we are avid campers and nature freaks,  has blossomed into a beautiful space for people to enjoy. 
We certainly do not share this beautiful space for the money as some may say .... there is so no money in this hobby.... we share this place because of it's beauty; it's views and of course the sustainable area we have so lovingly made without causing any damage to the environment - we have planted beautiful tree's. The 2 large fires we have had in the last 4 years were devastating but the flora is exuding beauty everywhere now. Each day a new bud blossoms 365 days a year. 

We do NOT allow day visitors or day hikers at all on our portion which is approx. 135ha large
Any trespassers will be prosecuted 

We are closed during the week. 
The google maps page was deleted (hence 'Closed to Public') because of the large amount of people that ignored our private sign / only permit holders sign and drive right 'to have a look'  to where they are not supposed to be... so we are making it difficult to 'find' now. 

Any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Remember: The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy 



Portion 7 of Die Ster Farm Winterhoek West Tulbagh, Cape Town, Westerncape